Book signing at the Saginaw Barnes and Nobles! Completely sold out! 

When is there going to be a third book about the Secret Seekers Society? Loved the first two!

I shoot for a annual release for the series, every december. 

I use kickstarter to fund the books, I will be posting kickstarter updates on tumblr later this year.

So glad you enjoyed the book, if you have time, head to amazon and leave a review, it will go far in helping my book become successfull. 


Peep my YA fantasy book!

Loved the first book beast of bladenboro ! Second book suposed to be out this Sept. It's October now, where can I get the second one in kindle format "Solomon's seal? Says you reached your publishing goal on kicker??? So please where can I get second book?

It’s actually set up for a tentative release date of 12-19-13 date! It’s currently in my editors hands getting the finishing touches. 

I’m so glad you enjoyed it! I keep more up to date on my facebook account: 

Like me and send me a pm., i’d love to hear from you!


J.L. Hickey’s Bucketlist

I have decided to do a bucket list before I die. 

Here it is:

-Be a real life hero for my children. 

-Become a famous author (I will accept a reputable author as well)

-Sell my books to the silver screen.

-Go to eat at genji’s with my wife, get to know six other strangers and sneak out after paying for everyone’s meal. 

-Go to a fast food place and by 100 strangers their meals. 

-Go into a place where I find a kid who really wants a video game or system and his/her parent can’t afford it, and the kid is not a brat, but a sweet kid, and buy it for them.

- If i make money off my books, I want to give back to Saginaw, help restore some parks, maybe a youth center, something…

More to come!


Solomon’s Seal taking kickstarter by storm!

The Goal is to hit 500 by the end of the day! 

This kickstarter will make or break Solomon’s seal’s release. 

I will need all the help I can get, whether its pledges (any amount big or small will help out!) promoting, sharing, etc!


Kickstarter for Secret Seekers Society and Solomon’s Seal

Get ready for another epic adventure as we follow Hunter, Elly and their friends through another monster-filled journey!

Help fund the second book in J.L. Hickey’s indie mega hit, Secret Seekers Society Series! 

The Pitch:

Get ready for another epic adventure as we follow Hunter, Elly and all their friends as their journey continues into the world of the supernatural and unknown.

Following directly after the events of the first book, the children start their new lives as future members of the Secret Seekers Society! But first, the children have to go through six years of training, known only as the ‘Enlightenment’. 

What will the children learn about in their first year? What new friends will they meet?

The story delves deeper into the spiritual realm of the paranormal. Learning about a magical and ancient ring known as Solomon’s Seal, (known to grant its wearer the ability to speak to animals and spirits) the children must decide if playing with the spiritual realm and potentially speaking to their parents one last time is worth the risk of putting their souls in danger.

With rumor’s spreading that their parents were “double agents” and working with the evil Aten Corp. the children our desperate for answers. Is the ring real? Does it truly grant its wearer such powers? Or does Solomon’s ring hide a deeper evil?

Get ready for the ride of your life, as nothing is ever as it seems inside of the Belmonte Estate. If you thought there were secrets abound in the first book, just wait until the children unravel even more about the Mansion’s history, the origin of Professor Calenstine, his relationship with the evil Aten, and the truth about the mysteries of the world. Its called the ‘enlightenment’ for a reason.

If your interested in the first book, you can find a free sample here:

Don’t just listen to me, listen to the fans of the first book:

4.0 out of 5 stars Taking imagination to the extraordinary May 15, 2013

By MohawkmomBB

Format:Kindle Edition I received this book from the author for free. All though this isn’t a story that I would normally choose to read…I really enjoyed it! J.L. Hickey writes with so much imagination. Once you start reading plan on finding it hard to put down!I absolutely fell in love with Hunter and Elly, the kids who lost their parents and have to move away from friends and everything they thought they knew of their parents. They know nothing of their new guardian yet they both are thrown into a world with secret passageways to amazing mystical creatures. Their first night at the mansion so many things happen…they meet new people, hear strange noises, and are locked away in their room for days. The story has so many twists and turns. Def a must read!

5.0 out of 5 stars A Mystical Journey August 15, 2013

By Cyndi C

Format:Kindle Edition

I have never read any of J. L. Hickey’s work and boy, have I been missing out! This book was wonderful! As a child, I grew up reading a variety of books including the Chronicles of Narnia. The book somewhat reminded me of those stories. This was a magical tale of two recently orphaned children who start a new like in a mysterious manor and embark on a magical journey filled with mystical creatures and adventure. Hunter and Elly’s characters pull you into their myriad of emotions throughout the story. The incredible imagery in this story truly brings this story to life. We follow Hunter and Elly through an emotional roller coaster ride starting with despair and fear of the unknown. The story slowly allows the children to reclaim some sort of family and allows them to regain their happiness. The challenges they face through the adventures in this book allow them to grow and begin to understand how decisions can impact their lives. This book is a great read for both adults and children. Highly recommend!

5.0 out of 5 stars Wonderfully done., August 3, 2013

By Green eyes - See all my reviews Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?) This review is from: Secret Seekers Society and the Beast of Bladenboro (Kindle Edition)

It has been a long time since I was so enthralled in a book that I read it in just a few short days. Three days of having my nose plunged into these wonderfully written pages as I did laundry, cooked dinner and played outside with my kids. It has been so long since I could find myself this caught up in a story, that I had forgotten what it felt like. The gratification and satisfaction that it could bring. To have the words ignite my mind so intensely that I could vividly make out the details in my mind with no struggle or effort. It just flowed in my brain like a story should. I have read a lot of books lately. All of which were what I said, good and some great even. Each writing style different and capturing in their own way. They all had something that made them captivating. But this story is a true gem. Something that was hungrily devoured by my eyes (and ears when I had the text to speech rolling.) happily. I would strongly recommend this, have and will continue to do so, book to EVERYONE! It was so nice to read a wonderful book that was clean and exciting. Well done! I will be reading more by this author!

That’s just a few, there are over 40 more amazing reviews from fellow fans, authors, and book bloggers, far too many to list. Head to the amazon page where you can download a free sample of the first book and read the rest of the reviews for yourself!

Let’s wet your whistle:

Click here for the Secret Seekers Society and Solomon’s Seal Unedited Teaser:Preface and first two chapters. 

Why is it important to back this project?

-Secret Seekers Society and the Beast of Bladenboro has been a huge success. I have recently broke into the top 100 selling lists in two sub categories of amazon’s Fantasy genre. 

As of 8-18-13, I have broke into the top 30,000 amazon sales rankings for all of amazon’s paid eBooks  This is a huge number, as it may not seem that way unless you follow these ranking closely. However, remember I am an Indie Author who released this book New Years Eve with no backing other than my amazing kickstarter supporters. After countless hours a day, a lot of foot traffic and emails to book bloggers (painstakingly living, breathing, and eating self promotion) I am proud to say I have reached heights many traditional published eBooks have yet to hit. 

Why 1600$?

I hit a successful Kickstarter campaign with the first book in this series making 1100 dollars. I ate that revenue up quickly through editing, cover art, formatting, and some other stuff to help promote (graphics, etc)

It definitely helped getting the book out there. However, after it all went live, quickly found myself digging back into my own pockets to continue the books success. 

I also found out despite the 900 plus dollars i dropped on professional editing, the book still suffered from errors. 

So the deal is simple, there are many things this money will go to:

-Multiple Editing stages by professionals.

-Formatting for both eBooks and physical books, not just for this book, but also for all my other books. 

Yes! Everyone who has been hounding me to release the book into a physical copy will get there wish once this kickstarter is funded! This is equally important, as many of my supporters and fans want to donate my books to their local libraries in hopes to getting my magical story into other children’s hands. 

-Promotional tools: Honestly, I did not think that far ahead of the game during my first release. Self promotion is a tiring game, but you live or die by it. Graphics, logos, blog tours, bookmarks, facebook boosting, free giveaways, and that is just the tip of the iceberg. I could make this list for hours and only touch base on all the money I found myself to sinking into this series in hopes it helps me break the fourth wall, and out of my own social sphere.

1600$ is a solid number for me to get all this accomplished, I thought long and hard on it, wanting to make sure it was feasible  and reasonable for me to get done what needs to happen for a successful second release. I have seen other authors ask for and hit 6,000$ for funding. ….I would love that, if I had that much money at my disposal to sink into this project….

 Anyway, my point is I have reached higher goals with 1/6th the amount of money then these other projects, so I can make more happen with less money. I am not knocking these authors, all I am saying is I can squeeze every penny you donate to me into something amazing. If you back me, I promise you my heart and soul goes into this project. Ask anyone who has followed me since the release of the first book. I have a relentless drive and passion to see my dream reach fruition. 

I was originally going for 2,000, but after speaking with my facebook fans, I settled on the 1600$. This is because  so many people were willing to step up and help out certain aspects of what I need, offering specials deals and discounts because they believe in my book and what I stand for.

Self publishing when done right is not a cheap game. It takes money to get it done right. I will not release a book that I intend to sell to my fans until I know it is done professionally and worth their hard earned money. It must be perfect, and to do that, i need your support.

             Stretch Goal 2500$

I am also setting a second goal of 2300$ Which If we come close to, I will begin to update cool swag to help push for it. However one of the most important tools I am lacking in my career is a unique and professional website. I use a silly tumbler feed, and it does not do what I need it to do. I am computer dumb, and it will cost a decent dollar to get this the way I need it to be. 

             Stretch Goal 3000$

If we can hit the 3,000 dollar range, I can begin to finally add some artwork into the books. This is something I think is sorely missing in my novels, as their are so many awesome options I would love to see professionally drawn out and added to the books, the website, and maybe even incorporated into posters and etc. 

              Stretch Goal 4000$

If we can hit 4,000 dollars I will put together a special edition hardcover Secret Seekers Society Anthology that will host both books together and include a short novella on one of the books most lovable and popular characters, the giant automaton Pluto, exploring his origin and how he came to be the children’s favorite librarian. Or, we can put it to a vote, maybe we can pick a different character to delve deeper into. Perhaps a novella on the history of Abram Winters and his cousin Dominick, or a tale about the children’s parents before they met their untimely death? These novella’s will be added only to the special edition anthology, however if you pledge 50 dollars and up I will send you a digital copy of the stand alone novella as a thank you.

To end, I have found so many wonderful supporters of my dream through this crazy indie author ride I have been on for the last 8 months. I never thought I would be sitting here today with the amount of success I have seen from the first book, thanks to so many thoughtful strangers. 

I know this goal may seem ambitious, and certainly feels to me to be quite a mountain to climb together. However after my last two successful kickstarter campaigns, and the understanding that there are so many wonderfully good-hearted people out there that believe in me, and my talents, who have  read my books and want to see me succeed… well lets just say I think we’ll destroy this goal. 

Thank you to everyone. You have no idea how much your support has meant to me. 

* for Secret Seekers Society Logo

Risks and challengesLearn about accountability on Kickstarter

I am currently sitting around the manuscript being 80% completed. I have set a personal goal for a tentative release date for 12-19-13.

At my current state, I am ahead of schedule and should easily have my book finished and ready to begin the editing stages within the next month or two.

This is important, because as an Indie author, I have no connections for editing. I rely on kickstarter and my many supporters to rally up the funds to enable me to begin these very important processes.

This means a few different runs by multiple professional parties to address the editing stages.

The only real risk is having to rely on others to get through these very important stages in a timely manner.

To be honest, with the funding, and paying for my editors, i do not see much of a risk at all, and I am confident to see the release date met.